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SAP Cloud Apps

Microsoft, SAP Deepen Their Cloud Collaboration With S/4 HANA on Azure

The two enterprise software companies will not only offer SAP S/4HANA on Azure, but also use one another's cloud platforms for their internal use.
Amazon GuardDuty

AWS Debuts Amazon GuardDuty for Cloud Threat Detection

Amazon Web Services announces a new managed threat detection service that can help detect potential security risks.

How AWS Sumerian Will Enable People to Explore VR, AR App Development SLIDESHOW

Amazon Web Services has announced a preview of Sumerian, a cloud platform that can be used by novice or expert developer to create virtual reality and augmented reality environments.

SnapLogic Extends Data Integration Capabilities for Citizen Devs

Enhancements to Iris AI-Powered Integration Assistant are designed to shorten the "citizen integrator" learning curve.

How to Streamline an Enterprise Collaboration Ecosystem

Industry analysts project that the enterprise collaboration market will balloon from $7 billion in 2015 to $49.51 billion by 2021. This is to say nothing of the unknown but substantial value of the shadow IT in the space.

Confluent Cloud Uses Apache Kafka for Streaming Data as a Service

The original creators of Apache Kafka are putting into action the company's expertise gained from managing large streaming environments.
Azure Cloud Credentials

Microsoft Azure Cloud Becomes More Location-Aware

With some help from TomTom, Microsoft's new Azure Location Based Services will enable enterprise developers to bake location-awareness into their cloud and Internet of things applications.

Google Home Mini Packs a Lot of Functions in a Tiny Smart Home Device SLIDESHOW

The Google Home Mini smart home device may be small, but for under $50, it delivers a lot of sound and other entertainment features at a value.

Comtrade HYCU for Nutanix Adds New Application, Hypervisor Support

Platform adds VMware vSphere support, ROBO backup from DR target and simplifies backup and recovery for Nutanix environments.
Net Neutrality Action

Pending FCC Action on Net Neutrality Raises Unfounded Fears, Warnings

NEWS ANALYSIS: Depending on who you listen to, a Federal Communications Commission decision to end the reclassification of the internet under Title II regulations might or might not be the end of the world.

CloudPassage Automates Security, Compliance for Docker Containers

Container Secure is the only solution currently on the market that secures all three parts of container environments: container images, running containers and the container engine/host.

StorONE Launches TRU Storage to Run on Any Media

Early adopters program for New York startup includes free on-site hardware of up to one petabyte.

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