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Actiance, Smarsh Merge to Create Global Compliance, Archiving Forces

Combination provides range of services for global customers, enables coverage of 100 communications channels while meeting regulatory obligations.

Morpheus Data Brings Predictive Analytics to Cloud Management

Updated toolset deploys machine learning, container orchestration and DevOps integrations to reduce costs and speed app deployments.

BMC Survey Looks at Enterprises' Concept of Multi-Cloud Environments SLIDESHOW

A survey by software and IT services provider BMC shows enterprises would like to manage their public, private and hybrid cloud systems as integrated "multi-cloud" environments. But first they need to get a handle on how much they are spending on cloud services.
Election Polling Errors

States Starting to Implement Audits to Bolster Election Integrity

In the face of overwhelming evidence that the Russians meddled in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, states are adopting auditing measure to detect any possible direct ballot fraud and give voters confidence in the results.

Datos IO Updates Cloud Data Management with RecoverX 2.5

RecoverX v2.5 comes with advanced recovery options, delivers enterprise-grade security capabilities and delivers backup and recovery for geo-distributed cloud deployments.
LinkedIn Jobs

Google Job Search Results Now Include Salary Data or Estimates

In cases where employers don't include salary ranges with their job listings, Google Search will provide estimated salaries for similar job descriptions.

Cisco Reveals $1 Billion Program for Smart Cities Infrastructure

This certainly doesn’t hurt Cisco's own business prospects, because participants will be shown Cisco products at all times during the process. That’s business in the real world.
SAP Facial Recognition

Google Announces Access Transparency Feature for SAP Cloud Customers

Enterprises running SAP workloads on Google cloud can now monitor when Google technicians are accessing the systems hosting their data to perform maintenance or to check performance.
Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Harnesses Nvidia Tesla V100 GPUs for AI, HPC Workloads

New NCv3 series Azure virtual machines will use Tesla V100 GPUs from Nvidia to accelerate cloud-based AI workloads.

Micro Focus' New App Tester Can Be Used on Mobile Devices

The terms “app testing,” “analytics” and “mobile devices” have rarely been used in the same sentence—maybe never. This might be an actual first for the IT industry.

McKinsey Predicts Cloud Service Dominance, Greater DevOps Use by 2020 SLIDESHOW

Management consulting firm McKinsey & Company predicts a surge in cloud investments, in addition increased DevOps and open source technology adoption.
Missource Investigates Google

Missouri AG to Investigate Google Data Collection, Market Rivalries

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley said he is investigating Google's practices relating to information collection and its treatment of competitors.

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