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Quick Base Adds Automated Workflows to No-Code Dev Platform

At its EMPOWER 2018 conference in Austin, the company introduced Quick Base Automations, a set of features that broadens automation for the growing community of business developers.
Microsoft SAP HANA

SAP PaaS Goes Multi-Cloud on Microsoft, Google Hyperscale Platforms

SAP's PaaS solution is now available on the Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. SAP has also introduced a blockchain service, SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain, to help businesses get up to speed on their own distributed database applications.

SAP Adding Analytics Capabilities to S/4HANA Cloud ERP

SAP is adding capabilities found in its cloud-based data analytics solution to its 4/HANA Cloud ERP platform.

CA, IBM Join Forces for Mainframe Cloud DevOps Platform

CA also released its Brightside toolkit, a suite of development tools that enables clients to control, script and develop on the mainframe using similar tools and processes as they would in any other cloud platform.
Digital Tools for Collaboration

Google Integrating G Suite With Third-Party Collaboration Apps

Updates to Google Hangout Meets and Calendar will enable enterprise users to collaborate more easily with others regardless of the conferencing technology their organization works with.
Oracle Autonomous Cloud Database additions

Oracle’s ‘Soar’ Program Aims to Move Legacy App Customers to the Cloud

NEWS ANALYSIS: Oracle has initiated what it’s calling the “Soar” program to encourage customer to move from legacy on-premises applications including the E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft and Hyperion ERP into the cloud.
tenable io

Tenable Extends Cloud Application Security Scanning Capabilities

Tenable is updating its cloud-delivered services capabilities, adding new connectors to support GCP and Azure, while also advancing web application discovery features.
Google OAuth Limits

Google Rolls Out New Measure To Protect Against OAuth Abuse

Third-party applications that require the OAuth service for user data access are now subject to a new daily new user cap, company says.
Microsoft GitHub

Microsoft's GitHub Acquisition Provides a Stable Home for Developers

NEWS ANALYSIS: Based on the open-source Git tool that Linux creator Linus Torvalds originally created to help developers be free from proprietary tools lock-in, some fear that GitHub is now doing the opposite of what Git was originally intended to do.
Microsoft Buys GitHub

Microsoft Snaps Up GitHub for $7.5 Billion in Stock

Microsoft has supported the software developer community for its entire history and with the acquisition of the popular GitHub code repository service it’s bringing a huge population of open source and cloud app developers under its wing.

BlueData Invites AI/ML Developers to Play in Its BDaaS Sandbox

Developers can prototype with ML / DL in a multi-node sandbox environment using Docker containers.

Nine Ways for Enterprises to Prosper in the Face of GDPR

What e-commerce enterprises need to understand about their compliance standards and the steps they must take to protect their customers’ data.

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