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Dreamforce Benioff Speech

Benioff Says Web Giants Must Consider Tech's Affects for Good or Ill

NEWS ANALYSIS:'s CEO Marc Benioff says that internet tech giants, particularly Facebook and Twitter need to "take full responsibility" for ensuring their platforms are used properly.
Daily Tech Briefing Nov. 13, 2017

Google, Facebook, Twitter Have Too Much Power, Franken Asserts VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Sen. Franken says it's time to curb the power of Google, Facebook and Twitter; Qualcomm eyes Intel with Centriq 2400 Arm server chip; CISOs are urged to hack their own networks to find security weaknesses; and there's more.

Nimble’s Contact Manager Unites Office 365, G-Suite, Many Cloud Apps

Nimble’s Team Contact Manager unifies a company's business contacts into single, shared relationship system of record.

HPE Unveils Blockchain-as-a-Service for Enterprises

Mission Critical DLT, now in beta, is expected to become commercially available in early 2018 and joins IBM, Oracle and Microsoft among old-school providers.
Red Hat CTO Chris Wright

Red Hat CTO Details the Next Waves of IT Innovation VIDEO

VIDEO: Chris Wright, VP and CTO at Red Hat, talks about the future direction of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the next exciting areas of IT innovation.

HyTrust Survey Finds Enterprises Favoring Private, Hybrid Clouds SLIDESHOW

Enterprises are shying away from deploying applications on the public cloud and adopting private and hybrid cloud platforms instead, according to a survey by HyTrust.
Daily Tech Briefing Nov. 9, 2017

Google G Suite, Analytics 360 to Interact With Salesforce Cloud CRM VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Google will integrate G Suite and Analytics 360 with Salesforce Cloud CRM; Sprint ends merger talks with T-Mobile over control issues; Dell EMC expands its all-flash storage lineup for the midrange market; and there's more.
Web Giants' Market Power

Sen. Franken Says It's Time to Curb Power of Google, Facebook, Twitter

U.S. Senator Al Franken says it time to apply the principles of net neutrality to curb the information market power of Google, Facebook and Twitter.

IT Science: How Sage Improved Workflows Using Low-Code Platform

Sage, which runs a cloud-based payroll and account services cloud, needed to standardize its operations and centralize workflows because it was getting unwieldy after acquiring a list of new companies.

Talend Acquires API Design, Testing Provider Restlet

Acquisition of France-based company is designed to streamline how companies share, govern and monetize data in addition to finding other income opportunities.

AWS Expanding Private Cloud Services with PrivateLink Endpoints

AWS Endpoints have been a popular way among users to securely access S3 and DynamoDB from an Amazon virtual private cloud without the need for an internet gateway.
Qualcomm chip

Qualcomm Eyes Intel With Centriq 2400 Arm Server Chip

The launch of the Centriq 2400 Arm-based server processor comes at a time when the chip maker is fending off a $103 billion bid by Broadcom, battling Apple in court and signing deals worth $12 billion.

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