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Inrupt solid

Web Founder Launches Inrupt to Improve Internet Privacy

Tim Berners-Lee announces a new startup effort called Inrupt that will advance the development of the open-source Solid specification to help restore user control of information.

How to Lock In Enterprise Security in the Age of Collaboration

While this “data everywhere” philosophy is great for efficiency, it’s devastating to traditional security models because they fail to protect data, especially when both the user and the data are beyond the security perimeter.

Kubernetes 1.12 Improves Cloud-Native Security With TLS Bootstrap

The third major release of the open-source Kubernetes container orchestration system in 2018 is now out, providing users with a stable release of a key security feature that has been in development for two years, while previewing a new sandboxing isolation capability.

Doctors Studying Ways to Get Virtual Assistants Into the Exam Room

Nuance Communications has integrated its Dragon Medical Virtual Assistant with Epic Systems’ electronic health records. The work with natural language processing is showing promise in helping ease some burdens of working with EHR systems.

Adobe Relaunches CX Platform, Will Contribute Code to Open Source

Adobe updates its Adobe Cloud Platform as the Adobe Experience Platform and designates it as the “data foundation for customer experience management.” It also started the Open Data Initiative with Microsoft and SAP as partners.
Bandwidth Alliance

Cloudflare Advances New Internet Standards for Speed and Security

As part of its Birthday Week, Cloudflare announces support for internet standards that help to improve speed and security, as well as unveiling the new Bandwidth Alliance that could help to save customers millions of dollars in bandwidth costs.
Daily Tech Briefing Sept. 26, 2018

IBM Launches Cloud Service That Will Detect Bias in AI VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: How a new IBM cloud service will detect bias in AI, and DigiCert, Gemalto and ISARA partner on quantum-safe encryption.
Michael Dell

Why Dell Is Reportedly Reconsidering Another IPO

NEWS ANALYSIS: Company officials are talking about going public through an IPO after hedge funds balk at a proposal to buy tracking stock tied to VMware, reports say.

Microsoft Adds New Enterprise Protection, Management to Outlook Mobile

“The main thing we want to accomplish is balance,” Microsoft Vice President Gaurav Sareen told eWEEK. “We want Outlook to be trusted by IT and loved by users.” Sounds simple, but this is not a trivial task to accomplish.
Daily Tech Briefing Sept. 25, 2018

Talari, Nuage Platforms Connect Offices in Multicloud Environments VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Talari and Nuage take SD-WAN connectivity to the multicloud, and Cloudflare secures time with its Roughtime protocol service.

Pivotal Container Service Improves Kubernetes for Multicloud

The Pivotal Container Service 1.2 update brings together Kubernetes 1.11 and VMware's NSX network virtualization technology to help secure container deployments.
New Google Cloud DLP Features

Symantec Extends Data Loss Prevention Platform With DRM

Symantec is integrating more capabilities into its data loss prevention platform, including improved GDPR compliance and digital rights management features.

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