Linux Goes to Hollywood for Inaugural Open Source Summit

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Linux Goes to Hollywood for Inaugural Open Source Summit

The Linux Foundation held its inaugural Open Source Summit North America conference, the successor to the long running LinuxCon, from Sept. 11-14 in Los Angeles. One of the highlights of the event was an on-stage conversation with Linux creator Linus Torvalds, who made a plea to hackers to become Linux developers instead of going to the dark side. Hollywood actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt also was on the keynote stage, talking about his collaborative movie-making startup HitRecord, which follows community patterns that are common in open-source software development. Attendees of the event were also treated to an event in the Paramount Studios lot in Hollywood. In this slide show, eWEEK looks at some of the highlights of the Open Source Summit.

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Linus Torvalds Still Having Fun Working on Linux

Linus Torvalds told the Open Source Summit audience that he's really happy that he gets to work on something that is meaningful. While Torvalds is world-renowned, he noted that his actual working environment is anything but glamorous. "I work from my home office in a bathrobe. It's not a glamorous life," Torvalds said.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks Collaboration

Hollywood actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt came to the Open Source Summit to talk about his collaborative production company called HitRecord. The basic model behind HitRecord is similar to the open-source model for software development.

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Oracle Joins the CNCF

At the Open Source Summit, Oracle announced that it has joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and is now supporting Kubernetes on Oracle Linux.

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Ticketmaster Talks Leadership

Bindi Belanger, executive program director at TicketMaster, used the keynote stage to talk about organizing development teams for success in a partnered leadership approach.

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Lyft Envoy Accepted by CNCF

The open-source Envoy project started by ride-sharing company Lyft was accepted as a new project into the CNCF. Envoy is an edge and service proxy that aims to make the network transparent to applications.

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Uber Open-Source Project Also Comes to CNCF

Uber also was on stage at the Open Stack Summit, with it open-source Jaeger project being accepted into the CNCF. Jaeger is a distributed tracing solution coming from the experience at Uber.

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Paramount Studios Party

The big evening event at the Open Source Summit was held at Paramount Studios in Hollywood.

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Linux Foundation, Others Use Open Source Summit to Unveil New Projects

The Linux Foundation announced new projects and milestones at its premier North American event. And it wasn't the only organization making noise at the summit.
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