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Windows 10

Microsoft Unveils Education-Focused Windows 10 S

Microsoft officially unveils Windows 10 S, its Chromebook-fighting operating system, at a New York City media event.

Six Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Digital Transformation Project SLIDESHOW

Businesses realize the many benefits of executing a digital transformation but doing so much is no small feat. Avoiding these six mistakes will aid the effort.
Steve Singh Docker CEO

Former Concur CEO to Lead Docker Containers Forward

In an unexpected move, Docker Inc. announces that Steve Singh is the company's new CEO, replacing Ben Golub.

Equinix Closes Deal with Verizon to Take Over 29 Data Centers

The acquisition of these strategic facilities broadens Equinix's capabilities by strengthening interconnection density on its global platform; accelerating business relationships in the government and energy sectors; and supporting Equinix's enterprise offering.
Windows 10 My People

Microsoft Resurrects 'My People' Contact Feature in Windows 10

The My People feature, meant to encourage quick chats and content sharing with frequently-used contacts, returns in the latest Windows Insider build.

Jive Software Acquired for $462 Million by Private Equity Firm

Aurea and Jive will align to integrate customer and employee interactions into a single collaborative platform that can be controlled and monitored from a central management dashboard.
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016

SharePoint Developers Trying to Weather Shift to Cloud Development

Microsoft's client-side push is having a profound effect on the SharePoint Developer community, according to research from developer tool provider Rencore.

Thales Group Acquires Machine-Learner Guavus for $215 Million

Guavus develops machine intelligent, big-data analytics platforms that Thales requires to remain competitive in the current analytics-obsessed IT market.

DNN Launches New Liquid Content Channels for Omnichannel Publishing

Running on the newly released Evoq 9.1 platform, Liquid Content can publish to devices and applications as diverse as home devices from Amazon and Google, Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

IBM Expands Bluemix OpenWhisk to Better Connect Data to Serverless Apps

OpenWhisk expansion enables developers to expose serverless actions as secure and controlled APIs on the cloud, ostensibly making it quicker to build IoT and cognitive solutions.
Daily Video 427

IBM Watson Showing Its Smarts on Factory Floors VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: IBM Watson Thinks Its Way to Factory Floor; Google Co-Founder Larry Page's Kitty Hawk Venture Demos Flying Car; Microsoft Connects LinkedIn and Dynamics 365 for Sales; and there's more.
Outlook Customer Manager

Microsoft Begins Outlook Customer Manager Rollout for Small Businesses

Outlook Customer Manager helps prevent users from dropping the ball when customer emails hit their inboxes.

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