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How 'Missing' Data and Other Inefficiencies Cost Companies Millions SLIDESHOW

Searching for data—not to mention re-creating data sets that already exist—is creating expensive inefficiencies for today's enterprises.

IT Science: How Port of Rotterdam Aims to be 'Smartest Terminal'

Using IBM data streams and AI, shipping companies and the port stand to save up to one hour each in berthing time, which can amount to about $80,000 in savings per day.

LibreOffice 6.0 Polishes Open-Source Office Productivity Suite SLIDESHOW

The open-source office suite found in most Linux distributions integrates new capabilities to help export and secure documents and spreadsheets.

How Lumileds' New-Gen LEDs Lit Up Super Bowl LII

There’s a lot of IT science involved with making this game a great visual experience for everyone, both inside and outside the stadium. The images you see on television are not exactly what you see from inside the stadium.
Windows 10

Microsoft Extends Windows 10 Support for Businesses and Schools

Corporate and education customers are now entitled to an extra six months of support for each Windows 10 feature update.
Daily Tech Briefing Feb. 2, 2018

Microsoft Going More Streamlined, Modular in Windows 'Polaris' Revamp VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Microsoft reportedly is less tied to legacy in its Windows "Polaris" revamp; IBM flips on fast new Nvidia processors for AI apps in the cloud; Google removed 700,000 Android apps from its mobile app store in 2017; and there's more.

PwC Report Finds Workers Concerns About Losing Jobs to AI Overrated SLIDESHOW

A recent AI-focused “predictions” report from PwC indicates that concerns about losing jobs to machines may be overstated, as “reskilled” employees will use AI to make better business decisions.

How Best to Deploy Bots, Automation for IT Efficiencies

Companies are turning to bots to avoid the hassle that apps bring and create a pleasant CX, defined as “customer experience.” But best practices are a good idea.
Office Team Editing for Mac, iOS

Real-Time Co-Authoring Feature Comes to Office for iOS and Mac

The collaboration-enhancing feature is now generally available on the iOS and Mac versions of in Word, PowerPoint and Excel.
Windows 10 Polaris Desktop

Microsoft Reportedly Less Tied to Legacy in Windows 'Polaris' Revamp

Microsoft's vision of a streamlined, modular Windows operating system includes a desktop environment that isn't as tied to the past.
Daily Video 131

Linux 4.15 Kernel Includes Fixes for Meltdown, Spectre Vulnerabilities VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Linux 4.15 released with improved meltdown, Spectre patches; Millennials likely to use biometrics for authentication, IBM finds; Microsoft updates Windows to counter Intel's buggy Spectre patch; and there’s more.

IBM Flips on Fast New Nvidia Processors for AI Apps in Cloud

The Nvidia V100 GPU is the fastest graphics processing unit to date, and when combined with the IBM Cloud, it is designed to enable enterprises, data scientists and researchers to do more work in less time.

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