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artifical intelligence

Microsoft Invests in Two More Artificial Intelligence Startups

Microsoft's venture capital arm invests in Agolo and Bonsai, two startups that are using AI to help professionals get more work done, faster.
Power BI on iOS

Microsoft Power BI Apps Bring Business Insights to Broader Work Forces

Microsoft Power BI Apps makes it easier for large organizations to distribute business insights to their users.

Dell EMC Preparing to Launch Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack

It’s all about standardizing on the Microsoft Azure ecosystem with its automated IT service delivery for both traditional and cloud-native applications.
Microsoft Office 365 Education

Microsoft Readies Teams and Office Apps for Classrooms

Microsoft is preparing a version of Office for its new Windows 10 S operating system and getting teachers and students on the same page with Teams.
data analytics

Microsoft Power BI Premium Adds More Licensing Flexibility

The new licensing option will allow enterprise customers to align costs with how Power BI is being used by their workforces.
Red Hat

Red Hat Delivers Cloud Control and Insight With Ansible Integration

On the second day of Red Hat Summit, CloudForms 4.5 and an update for Red Hat Insights debut, both benefiting from new integrations with Ansible's IT automation capabilities.

10 Tips and Tricks to Get Up to Speed With Slack Collaboration App SLIDESHOW

The Slack team collaboration app has grown steadily to 4 million daily users. This slide show provides some tips and tricks to help new users to get up to speed with the cloud application.
Red Hat

Red Hat Advances Container Development Efforts with OpenShift

At Red Hat Summit, new efforts including OpenShift.io and the Container Health Index debut as Red Hat aims to grow its share of the container market.
Windows 10

Microsoft Unveils Education-Focused Windows 10 S

Microsoft officially unveils Windows 10 S, its Chromebook-fighting operating system, at a New York City media event.

Six Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Digital Transformation Project SLIDESHOW

Businesses realize the many benefits of executing a digital transformation but doing so much is no small feat. Avoiding these six mistakes will aid the effort.
Steve Singh Docker CEO

Former Concur CEO to Lead Docker Containers Forward

In an unexpected move, Docker Inc. announces that Steve Singh is the company's new CEO, replacing Ben Golub.

Equinix Closes Deal with Verizon to Take Over 29 Data Centers

The acquisition of these strategic facilities broadens Equinix's capabilities by strengthening interconnection density on its global platform; accelerating business relationships in the government and energy sectors; and supporting Equinix's enterprise offering.

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