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YubiKey Series 5

Yubico Advances Strong Authentication Security With YubiKey Series 5

New security key hardware from Yubico provides support for different authentication protocols and can be used to enable a "password-less" security model.
Quantum computing

DigiCert, Gemalto, ISARA Partner on Quantum-Safe Encryption

As quantum computing power grows, so too does the risk to currently deployed cryptographic algorithms, which is why DigiCert, Gemalto and ISARA are now working together to prepare for the future.
Cloudflare Roughtime

Cloudflare Secures Time With Roughtime Protocol Service

As part of its Crypto Week series of announcements, Cloudflare debuts a new service to help organizations cryptographically secure time.
Rapid7 InsightConnect

Rapid7 Looks to SOAR With InsightConnect Automation Platform

Building on technology gained via the 2017 acquisition of Komand, Rapid7 is now rolling out new security orchestration and automation capabilities in its product portfolio.
Backoff malware

Newegg Is Latest Retailer to Be a Victim of Magecart Malware

Attackers were somehow able to inject a few lines of JavaScript into the online retailer’s site to allegedly skim credit card information for as long as month before it was blocked.
Fidelis Cybersecurity

Fidelis Looks to Grow Cyber-Security Platform With New Funding

After five months on job, Fidelis' new CEO Nick Lantuh sets a path for future growth, as the company expands its threat hunting capabilities.
Accenture Financial Service Cyber-Security

Financial Services Blocking 81 Percent of Attacks, Accenture Finds

Cyber-security at financial services firms is improving, according to Accenture, with organizations reporting they are blocking more cyber-attack breach attempts in 2018 than in 2017.

Why Software-Defined Perimeters Outflank VPNs for Secure Remote Access

With an increasing number of employees working from coffee shops, airports and home, and the cost of breaches increasing the security concerns created by perimeter-based VPNs, organizations are looking closer at alternatives such as SDPs, which use a zero-trust paradigm to overcome these issues.
Kace System Management dashboard

Quest Updates Kace System Management Appliance With Improved Security

The Kace Systems Management Appliance now benefits from two-factor authentication security and extends system management out to IoT devices.
Cisco Gee Rittenhouse

Cisco Aims to Make Security Foundational Throughout Its Business VIDEO

VIDEO: Gee Rittenhouse, SVP and GM of Cisco's Security Business Unit, discusses how his company is extending cyber-security capabilities across all aspects of the business.
Project Verify

Mobile Carriers Join Together for Project Verify Authentication Effort

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon have come together in the Mobile Authentication Taskforce in a bid to provide consumers with a stronger form of authentication than simply relying on an SMS passcode.
Twistlock Cloud Native security report

Cloud-Native Applications at Risk From Zero Touch Attacks

Twistlock set up a honeypot with vulnerable applications to see what would happen and was quickly attacked by automated botnets looking to exploit unpatched vulnerabilities.
Bomgar BeyondTrust

Bomgar to Be Renamed BeyondTrust After Acquisition of PAM Vendor

After years of being best known as a remote access technology vendor, Bomgar will be renamed BeyondTrust later this year after it completes the acquisition of privileged access management vendor BeyondTrust.

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