Eight Cyber-Security Vendors Raise New Funding in November 2017

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Eight Cyber-Security Vendors Raise New Funding in November 2017

It's been a banner year for cyber-security vendors raising venture capital in 2017. It's a trend that continued in November, though the month lacked some of the large 100M+ funding rounds chalked up earlier in the year. In November, investors poured money into a various types of cyber-security startups including container security vendor NeuVector which raised $7 million and IoT security vendor Pwnie Express which raised $8 million. Industrial IoT was also with SCADAfence raising $10 million in funding. The largest round in the month was secured by security intelligence vendor ThreatQuotient, which raised $30 million. This slide show takes a look at some of top funding rounds raised by security vendors in November 2017.

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Enveil Secures $4 Million for Data Security

On Nov.9 data security vendor Enveil announced that it raised $4 million in strategic funding. The company's ZeroReveal products provide encrypted data protection for content throughout the data lifecycle. "The inconvenient truth of data security is that securing data end-to-end requires meaningful protection at every step," Ellison Anne Williams, Founder and CEO of Enveil stated.

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NeuVector Raises $7M for Container Security

Container security startup announced its Series A round for funding on Nov. 7, raising $7 million. "Enterprises are increasingly tapping into the power of containers for application deployment—and the bad guys have taken notice," Fei Huang, CEO of NeuVector wrote in a statement. "What we want to offer is the most secure, most automatic and most complete container security solution available."

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ThreatQuotient Brings In $30M for Threat Intelligence

On Nov. 13, ThreatQuotient announced that it raised $30 million in a Series C round of funding. ThreatQuotient's ThreatQ platform provides threat operation and management for cyber-security intelligence. “Our industry is at a crossroads and organizations must shift beyond simple detection and response to a position of understanding and anticipating threats through intelligence-driven security," said John Czupak, President and CEO of ThreatQuotient.

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MediGate Brings In $5.35 for Medical Device Security

Medical device security startup Medigate announced a $5.35 million seed round of funding on Nov. 14. Medigate's technology aims to help identify and secure network-connected medical devices. "With the pandemic of cyberattacks targeting health care providers, far too many connected devices are left vulnerable and exposed, putting patient health and privacy at risk," Yoav Leitersdorf, managing partner at YL Ventures, which led the Medigate funding round, stated. "Medigate’s solution directly addresses this crucial problem by mitigating targeted attacks on medical devices."

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ReFirm Labs Raised 1.5M for Firmware Validation

On Nov. 15, startup ReFirm Labs announced that it has raised $1.5 million in initial funding to help support the development of the company's Internet of Things (IoT) firmware security efforts. ReFirm Lab's core technology is called the Centrifuge Platform which aims to automatically detect IoT device firmware vulnerabilities.

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SCADAfence Secures $10M for Industrial Security

Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) security startup SCADAfence announced its Series A round of funding on Nov. 21, raising $10M. "Most IT security solutions are inadequate for securing industrial networks, and the risk they pose on the operational process usually outweighs their security benefits," Ofer Shaked, CTO and Co-Founder of SCADAfence stated. "SCADAfence provides a passive and continuous monitoring solution that is guaranteed not to add any additional risks, making it very easy for companies to improve their security posture."

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Terbium Raises $6M for Dark Web Data Intelligence System

On Nov. 28, Terbium Labs announced that it raised $6 Million to help advance its mission of providing a private dark web data monitoring system, called Matchlight. "As the dark web expands, automation is key to keeping up where human analysts cannot," said Danny Rogers, Co-Founder and CEO of Terbium Labs stated. "Matchlight computes billions of data fingerprints every day and alerts customers within minutes when elements of their data appear somewhere they shouldn't."

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Pwnie Express Secures $8M for IoT Security

On Nov. 29, internet of things security startup Pwnie Express announced that it raised $8 million in new funding. The company's Pulse IoT security platform helps organizations to identify and defend against potential rogue device usage.

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