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Microsoft Bets on AI, Linux to Block Advanced Security Threats

Microsoft is using AI to help businesses protect their users and is leaning on Linux to help safeguard the internet of things.
voting booths

Centrify Offers Free Security Software, Services to Election Boards

The initiative involves the free distribution of Centrify software to election boards that includes multi-factor authentication and validation of device access for voters in their jurisdictions.
RSA Security president Rohit Ghai

RSA Security President Ghai Details Cyber-Security Silver Linings

RSA Security President Rohit Ghai kicks off the 2018 RSA Conference with a positive message about the things that the cyber-security industry is getting right.
Docker EE

Docker Enterprise Edition 2.0 Launches With Secured Kubernetes

Docker releases a major update of its flagship Enterprise Edition, for the first time providing full commercial Kubernetes support.
Accenture Cyber-resilience

Cyber-Resilience Improving as Attacks Grow, Accenture Reports

An Accenture security report reveals that defenders are gaining ground on cyber-attackers, blocking more attacks than ever before.
Daily Tech Briefing April 16, 2018

Lawmakers Voice Support for Social Media Data Regulation VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Social media data regulation appears likely after Zuckerberg's testimony, and Sony is taking preorders for Xperia XZ2 smartphones.

2.6 Billion Data Records Compromised in 2017, Gemalto Reports SLIDESHOW

The total number of lost records could potentially be even higher as an unknown number of records were lost in the majority of 2017 data breaches.
Cisco AMP for Endpoints Visibility

Cisco Extends Endpoint Protection With Advanced Email Security

Cisco adds new email security capabilities including Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance support to its AMP for Endpoints platform.

Okay, So Cambridge Analytica Got My Data: Now What?

The company that infamously stole 87 million Facebook profiles is now claiming that it deleted all that data, but in reality, that doesn’t really matter.
Illumio Qualys

Illumio Integrates Qualys Threat Data to Help Mitigate Risks

The new partnership brings vulnerability data from Qualys into Illumio's Adaptive Security Platform to help organizations reduce risks with security informed micro-segmentation policies.
Infocyte Hunt

Infocyte Advances Threat Hunting Platform With Asset Discovery

The threat hunting platform built by U.S. Air Force cyber-security veterans aims to detect compromises and reduce attacker dwell time.

W3C WebAuthn to Advance FIDO Protocols for Strong Authentication

The W3C web standards organization is working with the FIDO Alliance to enable a new era of strong authentication with the WebAuthn effort.

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