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SonicWall network security

SonicWall Advances Endpoint Protection; Introduces Virtual Firewall

Included among the new products now in beta test is the SonicWall Capture Client that is powered by technology from endpoint security vendor SentinelOne.
AV-TEST Meltdown Spectre

Meltdown, Spectre Malware Samples Emerge, Though Few Attacks Follow

Four weeks after critical CPU vulnerabilities were first publicly disclosed, security vendors aren't currently seeing any widespread attacks.
Monero XMRig

Cisco Reveals the Economics of Crypto-Currency Mining Attacks

A detailed report from the Cisco Talos research team provides insights into the methods used by attackers to generate profits with unauthorized crypto-currency mining campaigns.

StackRox Improves Container Security With Adversarial Intent Model

StackRox's Adversarial Intent Model (AIM) provides insight into how container attacks occur and what needs to be done to stop them.

10 Cyber-Security Startups Get Funding to Advance Their Work SLIDESHOW

The new year starts off with investors continuing to find opportunities in the growing cyber-security market, investing in such areas as cryptocurrency wallet security and real-time forensics.
biometric analysis

Millennials Likely to Use Biometrics for Authentication, IBM Finds

IBM Security report reveals differences in the way millennials use authentication technologies that could impact the future of digital identities.

Peak DDoS Attack Volume Declines to 600G bps in 2017, Arbor Reports SLIDESHOW

Arbor Networks' 13th annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report reveals a decline in peak DDoS attack size, but that doesn't mean attackers weren't active in 2017.
Linux Meltdown Spectre

Torvalds Releases Linux 4.15 With Improved Meltdown, Spectre Patches

CPU security issues required the longest Linux kernel development cycle since 2011, as Linus Torvalds releases Linux 4.15 on Jan. 28
DoubleClick Crypto-Currency Mining Malware

Attackers Distribute Crypto-Currency Miners Via DoubleClick Ad Network

Ads containing Coinhive's miner were distributed via Google's ad network to users in several countries, Trend Micro says.

Why Improved Authentication May Stop the Online Fraud Epidemic

Research shows that 71 percent of businesses know that they deny more transactions than they should. This doesn’t just lead to a loss of sales; it’s also likely to damage the lifetime value of that customer.

Data Privacy Day Jan. 28: Reminding Us All to Be Vigilant

People need to be reminded about how best to keep their online data secure at least once a year, even though they should be aware of doing this every day on the calendar.
Monero XMRig

Unauthorized Monero Mining Campaign Impacting Up to 30M Systems

The Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 security research team reveals a new cryptocurrency attack that makes use of URL shorteners to trick users into installing Monero mining software.

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