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Confusing Meltdown, Spectre Patch Array

Questions Arise About Effectiveness of Meltdown, Spectre Fixes, Advice

NEWS ANALYSIS: Problems caused by a confusing array of CPU and operating system patches raises the question of whether side effects caused by the fixes are worse than the security threats posed by the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities.
Microsoft Cloud Encryption

Microsoft, Open Whisper Partner on Encrypted Skype Conversations

Using Open Whisper Systems’ Signal Protocol, Skype will soon allow users to conduct private and encrypted one-on-one chats, but restrictions apply.
Daily Video 1-12-2018

Toy Vendor VTech Hit With FTC Fine for Child Privacy Breach VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: FTC Fines IoT Toy Vendor VTech for Privacy Breach; Microsoft: AV Software Can Conflict with Windows Meltdown Patches; Microsoft Responds to Alexa, Google Assistant Challenge to Cortana; and there’s more.
Meltdown Spectre

IT Vendors Continue Patching to Fix Meltdown, Spectre Vulnerability

AMD is now making microcode patches available to help mitigate Spectre vulnerabilities, as Google reveals how it has worked to mitigate the performance impact.
Daily Tech Briefing Jan. 11, 2018

Intel's Krzanich Covers CPU Flaws, Quantum Computing in CES Keynote VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Intel's CEO addresses the Meltdown and Spectre CPU flaws at CES 2018; Microsoft tweaks its Edge browser in wake of the Meltdown and Spectre CPU flaws; a former employee sues Google claiming discrimination against white men; and there's more.

Apple to Patch Yet Another macOS Password Security Flaw

NEWS ANALYSIS: Once again, a security researcher has found a way to easily bypass macOS password security, though this time the impact is minimal.
Public Utility Ransomware 2

147 Security Vulnerabilities Found in ICS Mobile Applications

A new report from security firms IOActive and Embedi reveals that flaws in mobile industrial control system applications could be exposing industrial IT systems to risks.

How to Fix Windows Registry Issues That Halt Microsoft Security Updates

NEWS ANALYSIS: Microsoft is halting all updates, including security updates, on Windows systems with badly-behaved antivirus products. But you can fix this problem.
Meltdown Spectre

Microsoft: AV Software Can Conflict with Windows Meltdown Patches

Users of some third-party security software won't get Windows security updates that address critical CPU flaws until their antivirus applications are patched.
IoT Toy Security Risk

FTC Fines IoT Toy Vendor VTech for Privacy Breach

NEWS ANALYSIS: After a two-year investigation, the Federal Trade Commission settles privacy violations allegations with toy vendor, imposing a $650,000 fine.
Daily Tech Briefing Jan. 10, 2018

Attackers Take Advantage of Cryptocurrency Security Issues VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Cryptocurrency mining operations take aim at SSH servers; Microsoft is investigating a problematic Meltdown patch on AMD PCs; Broadcom turns its focus to shareholders in its bid for Qualcomm; and there's more.
Cisco ETA

How Cisco Uses Machine Learning for Encrypted Traffic Analytics

Cisco makes its Encrypted Traffic Analytics offering generally available in an effort to respect privacy, while still helping organizations stay secure.

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